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Laying the Foundation for your health…

I have focused this newsletter on vibrational energy and health. Prana (life-force) is the common thread between Ayurveda and Yoga. It includes some suggestions that we can apply to increase our “vibration” and why slow Yoga works. Also, a recipe that is yummy and healthy – good for this time of year – plus a quote that resonates with me. Here’s to 2017 – may we be peaceful, loving and courageous.

Ways to raise your vibration –

We all know what it is like to be happy. We literally feel lighter and more expansive. The happier we are the more we will invite happier experiences as we are operating at a different frequency. When we are unhappy we feel heavy and denser. Sometimes just checking in as to how we are feeling will alter our vibration. Perception always starts with awareness.

Some suggestions to raise your vibration

  • Find something of beauty every day and honor it.
    It may be a flower, a child’s smile or a beautiful painting.
  • Be grateful. Make a list and cultivate the attitude of gratitude.
  • Do something for someone else. Takes the attention of yourself and creates an aspect of abundance
  • Stop complaining and gossiping
  • Exercise- walk, yoga, get active.
    It has been proven that exercise releases endorphins that make us feel happier
  • Listen to music – ancient chants are designed to alter your frequency.
  • Breathe – slow the breath down. This has a direct effect on the nervous system.
    A calm vibration is a higher vibration.
  • Meditate daily
  • Hug someone or smile.

Yoga AucklandRemoving Density from your body – why slow yoga

Because of stress, poor diet, lack of movement, aging and emotions, the body can become very dense. When the body becomes dense, it becomes very stiff and rigid. The body’s life force or prana, which moves through every cell of the body, cannot do so fluidly in the presence of a dense physical body. One of the purposes of yoga asana (poses) is to help break up the density of the physical body, thus allowing the prana to flow more freely. For this to happen, the posture needs to be held for an extended period. This is where restorative and Yin yoga comes in. Long holds allow the muscles to begin to relax.

If you hold a posture for just 15-30 seconds, the tendons – the attachments where the muscles connect to the bone – tighten in resistance to the stretch. If the posture is held for 2 minutes or more, the belly of the muscle where all the blood – and with it the potential elasticity – are found will begin to release and lengthen. Lengthening the belly of the muscle is like putting elastic links in a chain – the result is more permanent elasticity and flexibility.

With greater muscle flexibility and elasticity, the prana can begin to mod help break up the subtle mental, emotional and energetic blocks in the body. Per the Ayurveda philosophy there are 72,000 nadis or subtle energy channels in the body. Once the Prana begins to move, through slow yoga, breathe, meditation and a balanced lifestyle, the nadis become activated and our bodies do feel less dense. Don’t get me wrong, I love and support all types of Yoga, but more and more see the benefit or a restorative practise.

Yoga Classes

Yoga Auckland

If you would like to experience a mix of restorative, Yin and meditation … there is a course starting at:
The Yoga Tree in Takapuna on Wednesdays 6.45pm to 8.00pm from the 1st March up to and including the 12th April.

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Why have an Ayurveda Consultation?

The beginning of the year is a good time to review your health and be inspired to make change for the better. Ayurveda is a fantastic preventative medicine. Once the basic principles are understood you can take responsibility for your own well-being by increased awareness as to what makes you feel better and what makes you happy.

If you have not already considered an Ayurveda consultation as a good launching pad to improve your health. (There is a 20% discount this month if you book by the end of February).
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Recipe for the summer months…

The recipe I am enjoying is… Persian Cucumber Salad
It makes for a complete meal in itself, and once your potatoes are cooked, it comes together rather quickly. Recipe below…