Ayurveda Health specialises in digestive health, muscular skeletal conditions, gentle detoxification and preventative medicine. There is so much wisdom in ancient teachings of Ayurveda and Yoga. Based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between body, mind and spirit – “we do treat the person, and not only the disease”. Always looking for the root cause , Ayurveda offers solutions to heal, encouraging and empowering you to take active participation in your own healing.


  • I've been seeing Perry for 5+ years for psoriatic arthritis. With high quality targeted supplements and her advice I have steadily improved to become virtually pain free. My quality of life and health is hugely improved. The results have been amazing, thanks Perry!

    S.P. March 2023 -

  • Our sons skin is now looking amazing, he's never had skin as smooth and clear as he does today. We have a much happier child. Thank you Perry.

    Joshua Owen - 2023 -

  • Since a period of ill health I had help from Perry, she is so kind and helpful with a range of natural treatments and living advice.  She radiates kindness and love. ❤

    Lorna Laurenson- 2022 -