Seasonal shifts of autumn – how to stay well?

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Isn’t this interesting… Our amazing body is designed to preserve its own health. It is constantly replenishing its cells. Every second, several million red blood cells are removed and replaced from your circulatory system. Every five days, your stomach lining is renewed. Every thirty days, you have a brand new protective skin. Every ninety days, your body turns over all of the molecules that make up your bones.

Why then do we get sick?  
Ayurveda puts a lot of emphasis on food, daily routine and honouring the seasons, in other words working with Mother Nature and her offerings. With the abundance and endless varieties of foods available from our supermarkets why is it impossible to feel nourished by what we buy? It is simple… Nature is not in command. Often our foods are sweetened, emulsified, stabilized, salted, irrigated, bleached, blanched, polished, degermed, sprayed, anti-spoiled…I could go on.

By the time some of the food reaches our tables it is loaded with more chemicals than a chemist shop. This is what we put into our precious bodies. We all know about good food choices, good lifestyle choices, exercise, sunlight, positivity and stress-coping techniques, – but it can be hard to remain focused and motivated, when you can’t see the effects of our choices in real-time. It seems that in many cases discomfort has to be severe enough to warrant change; and for many more, even that is not enough.

What we need to do – The Ayurveda perspective is to get away from the idea of quick fixes that are so firmly entrenched in our culture. Most healing takes time and commitment. It has to be truly felt. Once we become more aware we can make new choices, and let go of old habits that no longer serve us.

Having an Ayurveda Consultation is like having a road map – when you are out of balance you know what to do. This can be very empowering. Contact me to discuss various options for you and you’re well being. Click here.