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Prana and its role In Ayurvedic healing – a common thread between Ayurveda and Yoga

Everything we do in life is a form of reception and transmission of energy. This involves not only eating and breathing, but also sensing, feeling and thinking. When I am accessing a persons health their vitality//life- force or Prana is one of the first considerations.

Recently I have had an injury and treatment involved going to several different therapists. This was an interesting experience – the clinical environment, the impersonal text book treatment was annoying and unsuccessful. When I experienced good rapport where the therapist could transfer some healing (spiritually energised prana) the difference was palatable.
It reinforced how important it is to create a loving save space for people to come when unwell. For everyone who comes for a treatment at Ayurveda Health, whether bodywork, Yoga or Health consultations, our aim is to make them feel better and more empowered by the time they leave.


“I offer you peace.
I offer you love.
I offer you friendship.
I see your beauty.
I hear your need.
I feel your feelings.
My wisdom flows from the highest Source.
I salute that Source in you.Let us work together. For unity and peace.” – Mahatama Gandhi

All Ayurveda treatments from diet and herbs, to bodywork and meditation are ways of treating prana. The deep energy we extract from food is a vehicle for prana, herbs correct the movement of prana and touch is the sense through which prana is conveyed. Body work and yoga loosens pranic blockages and meditation opens the prana of the mind.

Behind most degenerative diseased states or those that are difficult to treat is chronic low energy or fatigue. Sometimes treating through diet and lifestyle is not enough and we have to look at other contributing factors such as shallow breathing, sensory perception, and proper association. To change we need to recognise and remove the factors that drain our energy. This can mean changing environments and negative relationships. When energy is chronically low we must be dissipating it or not renewing it properly.

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There are several sources of energy. First there is your congenital (what you are born with)  energy. Some are blessed with a strong constitution others are not. Kapha types tend to have the highest Ojas or immunity. Vata have the least, with Pitta in between.

Second there is the energy we bring in through the outside mainly through food and breathe. Devitalised foods and hurried or shallow breathing take their toll. Third are the factors that produce energy through the mind. Gossip, worry and excess thinking dissipate energy – mediation, mantra, silence and peace of mind increase mental energy.

Love itself is the highest and most nourishing form of prana.  Love can keep people alive that would otherwise die. It can raise our prana from its deepest depths and therefore love has such a healing force.

Easy ways to raise your vibration.

Some suggestions to raise your vibration

  • Find something of beauty every day and honor it. It may be a flower, a child’s smile or a beautiful painting
  • Be grateful. Make a list and cultivate the attitude of gratitude
  • Do something for someone else. Takes the attention of yourself and creates an aspect of abundance
  • Stop complaining and gossiping
  • Exercise- walk, yoga, get active. It has been proven that exercise releases endorphins that make us feel happier
  • Listen to music – ancient chants are designed to alter your frequency
  • Breathe – slow the breath down. This has a direct effect on the nervous system. A calm vibration is a higher vibration
  • Meditate daily
  • Hug someone or smile.

Let’s talk about asparagus 

In early spring, your body starts to crave snappy and refreshing textures like fresh asparagus. Asparagus is a strong diuretic to relieve spring water retention. In Ayurveda, we see Asparagus as good for all doshas.
Sweet, astringent, bitter, cool, light and moist. It is ideal for Pitta. It stabilises Vata and lightens and stimulates Kapha. It can be steamed and eaten with grated ginger, lemon juice and a splash of good quality nut oil.



A few months ago I was in Fiji. Here I was reminded of the importance of connection where it is considered good manners to acknowledge total strangers on the street. Everyone is greeted and acknowledged through eye contact, a smile and by saying “Bu- la” It becomes 2nd nature and a basic human law -acknowledging the light in others. Easy to do… Let’s try…