Ojas – life sap

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Ojas is a Sanskrit word meaning life sap, immunity, radiance, inner vitality, vigour, or life juice. It is the essential substance or essence of the body that protects and sustains us and determines our emotional, physical and mental health and happiness.

We build our ojas by feeding the tissues properly one layer at a time and by mindfully observing these practices.
Winter is the ideal season for nourishing the seven tissue layers of the body and building ojas. The healthy building up of these tissues is crucial to our longevity especially if we have become depleted through the year from disturbed metabolism, depression, mental stress, poor sleep, excessive indulgence and general prajnaparadhaor ‘crimes against wisdom’ as well as overuse of pharmaceutical drugs and other intoxicants. All these factors cause toxins to build in our body and we need proper digestion and rest to get us back on track and to maintain and build our vitality.

Wintertime is a beautiful opportunity for self-care. Our immunity is strengthened through rest and increased metabolic activity where we build our ojas. When our ojas is low and depleted we are beginning a cycle of compromised health but when it is strong, juicy and luscious we are setting ourselves up for a lifetime of inner and outer beauty.

We want to encourage relaxation, reduce stress and facilitate circulation throughout the body. These are the 3 most effective things that Yoga asana can do to support immune health.

Below is a restorative practise you can do at home

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