My growing love of meditation

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I have been practicing meditation for a long time and now teach it. My belief in meditation, as importantt to health and well-being continues to grow. I have noticed how as I continue to practice there is a deepening in all my experiences.The inner silence and sense of peacefulness is carried forth more and more into my daily activity.
I am sure I used to be very black and white with strong opinions. I know sense that I can come from a place, where I know but I don’t know, so my mind is more open and receptive to receive.
The simple act of consciously inhaling and exhaling (breathe meditation) grounds us in our bodies, reminding us where we are, who we are and how precious our life is. When we connect deeply to our own existence in this way many of the petty thoughts and feelings that can dominate our minds dissolve without any effort
If you wish to attend a restorative yoga class where we prepare our bodies and minds, so we can settle into a lead meditative practice you would be very welcome. .nz