If you want to have a long and healthy life make sure you have a clean and healthy colon. Only with proper elimination can we be healthy, fit and vital. We shower and bathe every day but most of us fail to make sure our Colon is clean until we develop symptoms or disease. The colon is the sewer system of our body and requires constant cleaning, being perhaps, the body’s most important organ of elimination.

In addition the large intestine is an important organ of assimilation and digestion. Its membrane absorbs the energy and nutrients that build up the bones, and the deeper tissues of the marrow, nerve and reproductive tissues. In Ayurveda the large intestine relates to the Vata dosha, which governs vitality and Prana as a whole. In any disease condition we look at the functioning of the large intestine and initiate treatment to normalise. It is important to be aware of your pattern of elimination and state of appetite when assessing your own health.

If you have frequent brain fog, headaches, bloating, allergies, bad breath, cellulite, low energy, skin rashes, or chronic ill health with no diagnosed cause, it is almost certain that you will have an unclean and toxic colon. According to Ayurveda a healthy colon is indicated by a lack of tongue coating at the back of the tongue.  One should have an easy to pass bowel movement first thing in the morning and the stool should float. If they are sticky and sink it indicates the presence of Ama (toxins)

I have tried to make this a value add, on representing both Ayurvedic and naturopathic products (this is a work in progress)

Many products that are available are not listed as it is well recognised in Ayurveda that every person is unique. Also, the practitioner products need to be prescribed (note these are usually better quality) We endeavour to treat the person, not just the disease, and for this reason please ask if looking for a particular remedy.

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