Supagreen Plus

Supagreen Plus


Supagreen Plus is a product that would be recommended to balance the body’s acid/alkali levels (pH balance). When one experiences joint pain, whether it be general arthritis, gout or even rheumatoid arthritism there will be high levels of acid present in the body.  Supagreen is designed to assist the body to reduce the acid levels and alleviate joint pain.Supagreen Provide a prolific balanced rich source of organically grown nutrients, the perfect complete superfood.  Some of the many benefits of Supagreen Plus include helping to mauntain the body’s pH balance, detoxifying the blood, relieves bad breath and body odour, helps to deodorise the bowel, revitalise and activate body cells, enhance metabolism and improve digestion.

•    Alkalinizer
•    Anti-nauseous
•    Anticoagulant (Blood thinner)
•    Blood Building
•    Anti-flatulence
•    Deoderiser

•    Helps promote the natural blood-cleansing functions of the body.
•    Strengthens cells.
•    Deodorises the body, including the bowel.
•    Digestive Tract Detoxifier.
•    Supports Intestinal Health.

Suggested Serving:At lease once per day on an empty stomach, take on heaped teaspoon, stirred (or using a shaker gives quicker, more even mixing) into a glass of chlorine-free water, mineral water or fruit juice.  1-3 servings per day are recommended for optimal health and energy.

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